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In these four years that passed since the third game was released, Polyphony Digital had all the time in the world to correct the faults of the previous game and add new modes and cars to the already gigantic database. What's the deal with this name, Leon? There's one in Capcom's Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 2, there's also one in Kingdom Hearts and last but not least that's also the name of the main character in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. The whole action takes place in the Middle Ages at the time when all the knights from Penguin Vs Yeti were gone to fight in the crusades. They left their domains and...wives alone, which proved to be a fatal mistake, specially when we're talking about the ladies. The action of the game takes place in 1930 and I didn't even need to read an in-game document to confirm that as I saw a Zeppelin in the intro and placed the action approximately between the two great world conflicts. You may wonder what's Jennifer doing in this orphanage. She was sent there after her parents died and as you'll find out, every chapter of the game mocks past events of her life. The Aristocrats' main hobby is torturing Jennifer after she'll unwillingly enter their society. Given that it’s still an interactive experience, you’ll still engage in all sorts of things, from exploring and climbing to puzzle solving or shooting and brawling. Exploration is pretty much the same as in last games, although I did find that it’s a bit hard to make Drake focus on a certain ledge. As such, when you’re on a chandelier and want to jump to the railing of a staircase, you’ll need to carefully move the left thumbstick until Nate finally shifts his body in a ‘ready’ position. The parts you can purchase for your vehicle range from exhausts, tires, wheels, to nerf bars and front bumpers, but only the exhausts and wheels really have an impact on races, since they directly influence acceleration and grip. Basically it's all about paint jobs and decals in this department. The mini-games you can unlock are very "arcadish," and vary from races to collect the most coins in a level, and king of the hill, to basketball, soccer and hockey... all on your ATV of course. Animations are more precise and filled with smaller touches like Drake raising an arm to steady himself or touching the wall at certain moments. It’s his tired walk that really drives the point home that he’s exhausted and dehydrated in a huge desert, it’s his smaller movements when he tries to climb all sorts of things that show he’s not Spider-Man, and, of course, it’s the little things in cutscenes that make it that much more hard to realize that this is still a game and not a movie. Of course, it helps that the Ubisoft Romania studio made video game imagines aircraft as significantly sturdier that they are in real life, in maybe it's biggest concession to the arcade style. A pilot can sit tight in the cockpit without fear as a few missiles hit his machine after failed flare runs and a few attempts at getting the pursuers off course. It doesn’t feel natural to get hit and only see a number go towards zero percent although it makes sense in the world of video games. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Aerosmith, Disturbed, Muse and tons of other old-school and brand new bands are included in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, as you'll see for yourself by playing the full game. GH III features 8 major "levels" so to say, that grant you access to a new and more difficult collection of songs or battle with a guitar god. The list of bonus tracks is also impressive and you'll be surprised to find names like In Flames or Lacuna Coil on the list. Golf is a gentlemen sport practiced by rich men and Penguin Vs Yeti Woods as far as I know. Penguin Vs Yeti last contact with golf was playing the game Actua Penguin Vs Yeti 3 on the Playstation console. There is a lot of competition nowadays between the golfing games with Penguin Vs Yeti Woods series topping them all and Mario Penguin Vs Yeti being a real hit on the Gameboy Advance and Gamecube. The Penguin Vs Yeti War is on! What do we have in our hands? A golf game for a portable console, not a simulator, but a fun version of the acclaimed sport. Remembering the beautiful cutscene from Gran Turismo 2 with The Cardigans' song played through it, I have to say that Polyphony Digital exaggerated with the first FMW, making it something suited for an Onimusha title, rather than a driving simulator. Leaves flying around, a soft violin music and a car filmed like it was the most beautiful girl in the world (for some it is). Each vehicle in GT 4 is made out of 5000 polygons and you'll see some stunning car details and beautiful models. The crowd expects a lot from their favorite team and they'll start whistling and boo-ing if you have a one-goal lead and start passing the ball around. That won't be the case since in this game you don't play for goalless draws that qualify you and the show is your main objective while playing such a fun football sim. While watching the replays or when you're browsing the same golden menu that PES 6 had, you can listen to some rock or techno tunes, of course no licensed songs included. No less than 70 minigames await you and tons of rabbits to put to sleep. Bonuses lurk everywhere so keep an eye out and a toilet plunger close by. Those are Rayman's favorite weapons and the means to his escape. The bunnies will also fire plungers and you'll be able to deflect them by using your own. Our purple hero really fancies big animals as he throws cows, milks them and

With each new conquered province they get a little closer to past stories and slowly unravel their own stories. The single player campaign actually presents the history of the war seen through the eyes of the seven races, while still presenting the individual stories of the world's provinces. The Earth fell in 2190 A.D. After the unauthorized intervention in another's race development in our sector of space, the Alpha-Tau Council decided that the most appropriate punishment is to push us back 200 years, both technologically and culturally. All our accomplishments as a race have been taken leaving our planet barren so we can start again. Chaos followed soon after. The year 2200 marked the appearance of Universal Courts (a sort of tribunal with unlimited power), the only solution to mass riots and uprisings. They rely on mass extinction and a full martial law. The slightest mistake and you get the death penalty. And talking about signatures we have the "notoriety system". The way you finish a mission will influence the gameplay in the next ones. For example, if you get caught on camera you're penalized 10 points; if you let live any witnesses you get 5 points and so on until you reach 100, at which point the game is lost. There is, of course, a measure to counteract this event: the bribe. After each mission, if you've scored some negative points you'll get the chance to bribe witnesses, policemen and even the chief of police. After drawing a line, this "notoriety system" is just for show and it doesn't really makes a difference. I couldn?t really complain about the environment either. It is friendly and doesn?t bother the eye. The cycle of days and nights will also add to the depth of this mystical realm and the in-engine made videos will spice up the story with lively, eye catching action scenes. What I could complain about is that all the units tend to go through one another in their goal to get to a certain location. I guess at least they don?t trip on one another causing all sort of pathfinding troubles. Little blood is splashed from the victims? bodies (and there is no dinosaur feasting) so anyone above 12 years old is allowed to play it. As I've said before, the gameplay is somewhat similar to what we're already used on seeing in shoot-while-looking-cool-in-a-car genre but the story has the biggest influence. Unlike other similar titles where the story is used as an excuse for gameplay, Scarface presents the exact opposite of this trend. I actually found myself curious about what's really happening behind Tony's back and couldn't wait to see how the events will shape the gameplay. I wasn't interested in acquiring territories and estates, front or exotics (although I enjoyed buying cars and some other items); I only used them to get the story to unfold. Every action, from complex kicks and punches to a simple step forward is done by grabbing individual limbs and placing them where you want them to be. You click on a limb with either the left or right mouse button, the left button to drag and move, the right to direct an attack, all the while swirling the mouse in circles in any spare moments to charge Chi, the energy necessary for both jumping and any attacking. Moving around is as simple as dropping one foot in front of the other, so simple in fact, that it seems an impossible task at the beginning. This is the first game in which you literally have to learn to walk. The last thing I am going to mention about the gameplay is the revolutionary, never seen before, bullet-time. Penguin Vs Yeti that's not exactly true, but as far as I can tell this is the first racing game I have seen it implemented. I "heard" some reviewers saying that they haven't used it and they claim it's just for show and you don't really need it. Sure, they haven't used it. When you reach 300 km/h and you have 10 police cars chasing you and a helicopter, going in a 90 degree curve with two trucks coming straight at you, you take a sip of coffee and gently avoid the collision without touching the "button". Not in this game. At all time what's taken into consideration are the armor plating, penetration effectiveness, reload times, angle of shots and unit experience offering a realistic combat modeling. It all sums up to a rather challenging gaming experience. You cannot just bust into the enemy base and hope you can overcome all their defenses based on a full load of tanks. You'll need to put to work your long range artillery and maybe some air raids could prove useful. Remember that the enemy has pretty much the same potential as your own troops, so make good use of the 21 (yes twenty one) speed levels to calculate everything in advance. Although the game follows sometimes a linear gameplay when it comes to discovered locations (yes, your map gets updated with every new place you find out about, you can't just go wherever you wish), it offers quite a few totally different paths for your hero to take, from the choice of companions to opposing solutions to advance through the main story. The best freedom feeling is offered by your choice in words. You can use the diplomacy skill, try to intimidate others or just decide to kill them. Of course there's also the chance to let things go as naturally as possible, but you know what they say "No pain, no gain". The help you get from the Agency is limited. They give you a map of the islands, with all the missions pointed out of course, the same map concerning the relations with the drug cartel and guerilla troops and another with the status on the liberated villages according to the rebels. They also provide air support in terms of on the spot vehicle delivery (owned vehicles that are suitable to your current location) and extraction - delivery to one of the safe houses (when not under attack). They also keep a file on Rico regarding his statistics (that should be fun to read if you just scared a lot of people with your guns). Another complain of mine refers to the conspicuously boobs censorship. What the use of beheading wicked dudes if you cannot see your wives boobs spread all over the place? It is a sham, believe me! A fraud! Fable is rated mature and it has no high quality CGI boobs! It is a possibility I am the one soft in the head, however what's the use of getting laid with "big sad eyes" kittens if all you can see is a black screen sunk in a horrific collection of growls? It insults me as a human being. With things like these it is a little hard for me to take Fable too seriously. I guess I never took it too seriously to begin with. Genesis Rising definitely has the potential to be a captivating RTS, especially since there is not much competition in space. As far as strategic possibilities go, we can't complain either as there are plenty of genes out there to never find two ships with the same abilities (unless you made them that way, obviously). Some ships are slower, while others are extremely agile but they might lack the heavy body armor so need to avoid most of the enemy firing. Let's hope Metamorf Studios has a blasting debut and provides us with an unforgettable game in March 2007. Fingers crossed for Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade. I was also surprised to see that the car physics is a lot more obvious and that it really matters. I wish that would have done the same with ragdoll which i